January 5, 2010

Welcome to JavaFitJavaFit’s healthy coffee blog. I hope you enjoy the site and take advantage of this exciting home business opportunity. It’s not often a company comes around with such an exciting line of products and offers you a chance to make money while drinking coffee.

When I saw this opportunity on December 12th 2009 I jumped on it. Since then I have been working very hard on websites. My goal is to have 25 JavaFit business websites up and running by the end of Feburary 2010.

The reason I am building so many websites is because there are different coffee products to focus on. Every site I build will either have a lead capture form on it or a link going back to my main company website. I also plan to help my downline by making or assigning a website to them. The JavaFit website that you get looks like mine but with your information in it. Here is my site. Click Here

One of my goals is to have enough leads coming in from my websites so that I can offer them to and build my downline. I also want to have my websites show up in Google and Yahoo key word searches. After I get these sites up and running I will then do the in person face to face business.